4" Mushani Llama


  • • 4’’ Mushani Llama 
  • • Slow rise squish plush 
  • • Super soft with sewn-on eyes
  • • For all ages
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M.K. (Michigan)
A new chance at life

Me and my ex boyfriend adopted Lammi about a year ago. (She is obviously a lammi and not a llama)
She’s seen more of the US than most adults in america. She brought us closer together.. Repaired our relationship and is the reason I wake up in the morning. Here in michigan, Lammi is actually a star. With most of the capitol city recognizing her, she runs this city and is a whole queen. Nothing could ever make me happier than Lammi, she goes on every trip, sleeps with me, made an appearance on hello kitty and friends, and always knows what to say when we need her. Live, Laugh, Love, Lammi.

S.J. (Minnesota)
I named him Abomination

No clue how this is a llama. Looking at this plush makes me wonder if the designers even know what a llama is. It brings me incomparable joy. Please make more animals that look like God himself had wronged them and they now live with a curse to their form.

Great slow rise material, too.