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Bulk Candy Create Your Own Mix - Customize Your Bag - Priced Per oz.


Create your own customized bag of your favorite candies. We have over 50 different candies to choose from including including Gummies, Hard Candy, Nostalgic Candy and more. Choose your candy, then select how many ounces you would like and add it to the cart. Do this for each candy and we will create a custom mix just for you and send it direct to your door. Each bag can hold approximately 2 lbs. of candy depending on the candies you choose, if you order more than 2 lbs., we may send you additional bags.


Pick your favorite Candies today and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jasmine (Minnesota)
I love being able to customize what I get, however, the $?

Options and selection is awesome-- but the price isn't quite nice when you only get a few ounces of candy that's been sitting in its jars/dispenser for however long- at least in-store, since I was email-asked to review this particular purchase that I made in person at my location, any who, love it, but for a literal handful of gummies to be $3+, that's ridiculous, and I could buy Albanese gummies or something else for the same price, just ,more in it, and likely to be fresher, since there's nothing crazy special about it to be hiked in price, like, oooo, a mall, big whoop.

I don't know; I can just see why the candy area of Legacy is scarcely shopped through, and mainly browsed.

Deidre E. (North Dakota)

I love the offerings available. So many to choose from!

Jp (Minnesota)
Bulk candy

Lots of fun choices for classic and new candy by the oz. Fun to choose and more fun to eat!

Jennifer H. (Minnesota)
Great place!

I love the fact that my kids can go into a candy store at the mall and pick a new special treat! Jelly Belly’s and the Runts are our favorite candys to go along with a glass bottle soda.


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