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Don't Break the Ice

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The player to collect the most fish before the ice is broken wins the game.

-4 tiles with 2 fish on them
-12 tiles with 1 fish on them
-1 penguin tile
-1 broken ice tile
-1 Skating Bear pawn with stand
-Instruction booklet

1. Remove one 1-fish tile and one 2-fish tile from the game. Shuffle the remaining 16 tiles and arrange them picture side down in a 4x4 grid.
2. Place the Skating Bear next to the tile grid.

1. Youngest player goes first. Place the Skating Bear on any tile.
2. Lift up the bear and turn over the tile. If you see a picture of one or two fish on the tile place it in front of you.
3. Place the Skating Bear in the empty space for the next player to move.
4. Play continues to the left following the same game play.

Turning over the Penguin tile
If you turn over the penguin you must give up one of your fish tiles. Take the tile and put it aside out of play. Your turn is over.

Turning over the Broken Ice tile
If at any time during the game a player turns over the broken ice tile, the game is over. Each player now counts all the fish pictured on their tiles.

The player with the most fish wins the game. If there is a tie for the most fish then all tied players are winners!

Optional Gameplay
For a quicker game, try a 3x3 tile grid but remember to keep the penguin and broken ice tile in the grid.