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Francois Llama

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Soft, shaggy coats keep real llamas warm in the Peruvian Mountains of South America and, Francois our plush Llama, is no different! Featuring a luxurious, shaggy coat of his own and four dark cloven hooves, Francois is an especially sophisticated llama stuffed animal! His bright eyes and stitched facial details give him a lifelike, engaging expression that will capture your heart and win him friends wherever he goes. A stand up pose makes Francois ideal for imaginative play, or display him on a shelf and he will watch over your space with the utmost of llama dignity. Whatever purpose you task him with, this cuddly beast of burden is certain to be appealing to llama lovers of all ages with his realistic looks and huggable design!

Additional informationWeight 6 ozDimensions 10 × 12 × 4 inAge 

24 Months & Up


(31 cm)


12" Tall

Stuffed Toy Size