Lost in the Amazon


Lost in the Amazon Jungle On a routine business flight en route to South America in a chartered aircraft named Domitila, the passengers aboard were Peter, Andy, their father, and the pilot. They shared a strange sensation as the plane rose above the horizon believing the week would be business for dad and adventure for the boys. Little did they envision that they would be involved in a hostage situation by bandits of the drug cartel that would change the course of events. The young brothers became the victims of a drug cartel sabotage of the aircraft that crashed in the remote Amazon Rain Forest forcing them to build a raft to seek aid for their injured dad at an Indian settlement. Lost in the Amazon jungle and afraid for their lives, they had no idea where they were and believed that the pilot was dead. Using all their strength and intuition to overcome obstacles, they achieved a miracle. Prepare yourselves for an exciting, inspiring and educational story. This is sequel to Six Days Inside A Mountain.

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