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MicroArcade Pole Position


Tiny Arcade Pole Position

Do you have a need for speed?  Race against the clock and other racers in Tiny Arcade Pole Position!  Use the steering wheel to drive your race car around the challenging speedway.  Master the most difficult turns and you’re guaranteed high scores!  How well you do in the qualifying lap determines which of the eight starting positions you will be given.  Only the very best drivers are awarded the pole position!

From the creator of PacMan, Pole Position is one of the most influential video games of all time, setting the standard for future racing games!

Go back in time with Tiny Arcade. All the original gameplay you loved in the ’80s are back… at your fingertips!

It’s up to you to save the planet and galaxy, or maybe just avoid those pesky ghosts with the new Tiny Arcades! The most iconic arcade video games are back in a size that will fit in the palm of your hand! The screen size is less than 1.5 inches and the overall cabinet sizes are 4×2 inches. Each Tiny Arcade comes with the complete gameplay, full-color, hi-res screen, authentic game sounds, joystick and two control buttons in a backlit arcade-style cabinet. No coins or small change is needed!

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