Nerds Filled Gumballs - 5 ball tube


Are you a nerd for Nerds? We know we are! There's just something really addicting about them that keeps us reaching back for more! But you know what else we can't get our hands off of? Gumballs! These are so classic, yet so delicious. And they'll satisfy a sugar craving any time of day or night. So what could be better than putting the two together? Once you taste Nerds Gumballs, you'll realize the answer is, nothing! 

A fun twist on two of your favorite treats, Nerds Gumballs are a whole lotta fun. Each gumball is loaded with Wonka Nerds and comes packed with 5 pieces in every individually wrapped package. These sweets are gluten free, so everyone can indulge! And since they're a great combination of two addicting treats, we have a feeling we'll be seeing you here again very soon. 

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