YoYo Factory - Spinstar - Assorted Colors


YoYoFactory has been working hard to create a brand new line of responsive entry level yo-yos. This is the Spinstar!

The Spinstar is the ultimate yo-yo for beginners! Easy to learn with, low maintenance, and extra durable - The Spinstar has everything you need in an entry level yo-yo. The Starburst response and transaxle system require minimal maintenance and offer an extremely consistent level of response. There's no break-in period with the Spinstar, just take it out of the package and start throwing!

Spinstar Specs:

Weight- 61.1 Grams

Diameter- 2.31”inches (58.75mm)

Width- 1.46”inches (37.25mm)

String Gap- 0.080in (2mm)

Spacer type- N/A

String type- Poly 6 Flouro Green 

Bearing- Plastic Bearing

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