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Squishy Human Body

Squishy Human Body
Exploring anatomy with squishy parts and pieces
Take a journey into the science that really goes inside - anatomy! Designed in a way that encourages learning through play, the SmartLab Squishy Human Body will take kids on a journey through the human body, picking up cool facts and tidbits along the way. The hands-on fun continues as you take apart and re-assemble the 12" human model with the squishy organs, fitting in the bones and muscles - and then proudly displaying your human body model on the included stand! Contents includes: 9 Squishy Organs; 12 Bones and Muscles; Plastic Tweezers and Forceps; Organ-izer Poster and 24 Page Book; Human Body Model & Stand and Instruction Sheet.

STEM toys are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based products that are geared towards developing useful skills in all areas of learning. This product focuses on the core subject: science.