The Secret Garden


A writer of popular stories for children and adults, Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849–1924) was regarded as "a born storyteller," with a talent for creating memorable characters whose state of affairs frequently improved as the narrative progressed. The Secret Garden, one of her best-loved works for young readers, is such a tale.
In it, Mary Lennox, an overindulged child suddenly orphaned, is almost magically transformed into an agreeable child when she comes to live at Misselthwaite Manor, the gloomy Yorkshire estate owned by her reclusive uncle, Archibald Craven. With the help of Dickon, an unusual local youngster with the ability to charm nature, Mary not only manages to bring life and beauty to the secret garden — abandoned years ago when the mistress of the manor was fatally injured there — but also persuades Colin, her uncle's frail son, to lead a normal life.
A repeated success on the motion-picture screen and the theatrical stage, this classic children's story is sure to charm new generations of readers.

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