Tokyo Highway


This game is based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, known globally for its distinctive urban structure. The game has no board—instead, players construct freeform highways, trying to build across their opponents’ roads and carefully place cars. The first one to place all of their cars is the winner! Follow the simple rules, get creative with your construction, and watch a beautiful architectural space arise from the table.
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Brandon H. (Maine)
Pretty and pretty fun too

The game is dexterity driven and fun to play with a few friends. It’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing and is what drew me in to begin with. Fun gameplay and fast pick up.

JD (Kansas)
Like Pick Up Sticks ... in reverse

This game is an interesting mix of strategy and dexterity. Plan a path for your highway, then carefully stack your columns and place your road so it's the highest over or lowest under an opponent's road. And watch as the gameplay reproduces the complex paths of intertwined big city highways.

Ian M. (Texas)
Great game

Different enough from most board games to change things up. Quality is great. Also a fun game for my daughter to just play with the components, as a bonus. Shipped fast and securly from Legacy.

Andrew W. (Delaware)
Very fun dexterity game

This is a great dexterity game that has the added benefit of looking more and more awesome as you near the end of the game. Its fun for so many age ranges. I highly recommend it.

Jeremy D. (Louisiana)
Where we're going, you'll definitely need roads!

Tokyo Highway is a fun little dexterity game whereby you're trying to "out road" your opponents. Strategic placement of your roads and elevation blocks will help you become the King of Tokyo.....Highway.

The only real complaint I have is that because it's a dexterity game, you have to have a really stable table. Any little bump will jumble the prices ruining an otherwise great game.

Ryan (South Carolina)
Great Game at Solid Deal!

I ordered this game because it seemed like a blast and I got wind of a sale. It was pretty great on savings and arrived quickly.

Tokyo Highway is a beautiful game with cute simple aesthetics. It is very well made and worth a full price purchase and at deal prices even better!