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World's Smallest Perplexus


Love the brain-busting thrills of Perplexus but have too many places to be?

Tired of spending your downtime twiddling your thumbs, or worse yet, playing with your smartphone?

You're in luck!

Small enough to fit in your pocket yet still packed with the same topsy-turvy excitement as the original, the World's Smallest Perplexus lets you experience multi-dimensional tilt-maze fun everywhere you go.

After all, why use your spaces between life to dull your brain when you can sharpen it instead?

World's Smallest Perplexus

  • Miniature-sized version of the Original Perplexus
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, focus, dexterity
  • Thrilling tilt-maze fun everywhere you go!
  • Move ball bearing to one of three starting points
  • Tilt Perplexus to move bearing along tracks and move toward the finish
  • Falling is inevitable - Winning is something to be proud of!
  • Amazingly small size - 3-inch diameter
  • High quality materials for lasting durability
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