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12 Years Old

Discover a world of fun and adventure designed specifically for pre-teens. From challenging puzzles and strategy games to creative kits and tech gadgets, our toys are sure to captivate the interests and imaginations of 12-year-olds. Encourage their problem-solving skills, stimulate their creativity, and promote social interaction with our age-appropriate toys. Whether your child loves building, coding, or exploring new worlds, our diverse selection offers something for every interest. Browse our collection today and make playtime an engaging and enriching experience for your 12-year-old.


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Fat Brain Toys
Simpl Dimpl

In stock, 196 units

Blank Card Game

In stock, 1378 units

Carma Games

In stock, 21 units

The Toy Network
9" Jumbo Puffer Ball Assorted Colors
From $6.99$8.99

In stock, 57 units

Speks-Speks 2.5mm Magnet Balls--Legacy Toys
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Sold out
Speks 2.5mm Magnet Balls
From $29.95$34.95

Out of stock

The Toy Network
5" Puffer Ball Assorted Colors
From $2.99$3.99

Only 6 units left

The Toy Network
6.25" Pop Fidget Tube
From $2.99$3.99

In stock, 33 units

Fat Brain Toys
Hey Clay

In stock, 79 units

Carma Games
Tenzi Dice Game - Assorted Styles

In stock, 39 units

The Toy Network
3.5" Bead Squish Ice Cream Cone - Assorted Colors
From $1.99$2.99

In stock, 38 units

Stomp Rockets
Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

In stock, 21 units

The Toy Network
1.6" Squish Sticky Glow In The Dark Orbs
From $0.99

Out of stock

The Toy Network
Fidget Tube Rainbow 7"
From $1.99$2.99

In stock, 372 units

Duncan Toys
Butterfly Yo-Yo Assorted Colors

In stock, 35 units

The Toy Network
1.75" 45 mm Squish & Stretch Mini Gummi Ball 3 Pack Box

In stock, 65 units

The Toy Network
Bang Snaps - 50 Super Loud Individual Pieces
From $0.99$1.99

In stock, 178 units

Needoh Groovy Glob Ball

In stock, 29 units