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Toys for 8-10 Year Old Kids

Discover a wide range of engaging and age-appropriate toys designed to entertain, educate, and spark the imagination of your child. From games and puzzles to creative kits and active toys, we have something to keep your child entertained and engaged. Our carefully curated selection of toys for 8-10 year olds is tailored to their interests and developmental needs. Whether your child loves adventure, building, problem-solving, or imaginative play, we have toys that will captivate their attention and provide endless hours of fun. Join us in providing your 8-10 year old with toys that combine entertainment and education. Our toys are designed to stimulate their curiosity, enhance their cognitive and physical abilities, and provide opportunities for social interaction and personal growth.

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Melissa & Doug
Water Wow! Water Reveal Pads
The Toy Network
10.75" Snap & Click Puzzle Fidget
From $1.99
The Toy Network
9" Jumbo Puffer Ball Assorted Colors
From $6.99$8.99
Boinks Individual - Assorted Colors
The Toy Network
6.25" Pop Fidget Tube
From $2.99$3.99
The Toy Network
5" Puffer Ball Assorted Colors
From $2.99$3.99
Fat Brain Toys
Hey Clay
The Toy Network
9" Fidget Pop Tube
From $0.99$1.99
The Toy Network
Fidget Tube Rainbow 7"
From $1.99$2.99
The Toy Network
4.3" Squish Stretch Pineapple
From $3.99
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