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Brain Teasers

Explore a variety of brain teasers, including logic puzzles, maze games, IQ puzzles, and 3D puzzles. These engaging toys require critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and creative problem-solving to unravel their mysteries and find the solutions. Discover puzzle cubes and twisty puzzles that will put your dexterity and mental agility to the test. From the classic Rubik's Cube to new and challenging variations, these puzzles offer a satisfying challenge as you try to align the colors and solve the puzzle. Engage in interactive and collaborative brain teasers with friends and family. From cooperative puzzle games to escape room challenges, these activities encourage teamwork, communication, and a shared sense of accomplishment. Challenge yourself with math-based brain teasers, riddles, and optical illusions that will make you question your perceptions and stretch your logical thinking. These mind-bending puzzles offer a delightful mix of fun and cognitive stimulation.


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Carma Games

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Duncan Toys
Quick Cube 2x2

In stock, 14 units

The Toy Network
Metal Puzzle Brain Teasers
From $0.99$1.99

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Duncan Toys
Color Shift Puzzle Ball

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The Toy Network
7" Flip & Fold Puzzle Game

In stock, 62 units

Duncan Toys
Quick Cube 3x3

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Duncan Toys
Serpent Snake Puzzle

In stock, 25 units

Spin Master
Rubik's 3 x 3 Cube

In stock, 37 units

Duncan Toys
Junior Color Shift Puzzle Ball

In stock, 33 units

Zip City LogiQuest

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The Toy Network
2.75" Peapod Fidget
From $1.99

In stock, 302 units

Duncan Toys
Beach Ball Puzzle

In stock, 17 units

The Toy Network
2.5" Number Slide Puzzle
From $1.49

In stock, 397 units

Spin Master
Rubik's 2 x 2 Cube

In stock, 29 units

Carma Games
99 More Buildzi Towers

In stock, 78 units

The Toy Network
4" Wooden Tangram Puzzles
From $3.99$5.99

In stock, 54 units

The Toy Network
6" Wooden Twist Cube
From $1.99$2.99

In stock, 140 units

Duncan Toys
Magnetic Block Puzzle

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The Toy Network
1.75" Wooden Brainteaser
From $2.99

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Fat Brain Toys

Out of stock

The Toy Network
4.5" Wooden Triangle Game
From $1.99$3.99

In stock, 13 units

Smart Toys & Games
IQ Puzzler Pro

Out of stock

Schylling-15 Puzzle Classic Game-FPZ-Legacy Toys
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15 Puzzle Classic Game

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Spin Master
Rubik's 3 x 1 Edge

In stock, 72 units

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