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Action figures are highly detailed, collectible figurines that are often based on popular characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books. They are designed for both children and adults and are typically made from plastic or other durable materials. Action figures typically feature articulation points, which allow for a wide range of movement and poseability. They also often come with accessories, such as weapons or clothing, which can be interchanged or swapped with other figures.

When it comes to action figures, some of the most popular licenses include Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel and other popular franchises. These licenses have an incredibly dedicated fan base that are always looking for new figures and merchandise to add to their collection.


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Spin Master
Batman 6" Action Figure Series
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT34-Smelting Blaze-Legacy Toys
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT32-Attacking Alex-Legacy Toys
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT38-Slowed Creeper-Legacy Toys
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT39-Enraged Golem-Legacy Toys
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT33-Regenerating Mooshroom-Legacy Toys
Minecraft-Minecraft Earth Figure-GKT36-Crafting Steve-Legacy Toys
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Minecraft Earth Figure
Adventure Planet
5" Snow Leopard Robot Action Figure
Adventure Planet
5" Great White Shark Robot Action Figure
Adventure Planet
5" Orca Robot Action Figure
Adventure Planet
5" Black Bear Robot Action Figure
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