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Unleash thrilling adventures with Boys' Toys at Legacy Toys! Ignite the imagination and inspire endless play with our captivating collection of toys designed specifically for boys. From action-packed superheroes to thrilling vehicles and beyond, our selection offers a world of excitement for young adventurers. Discover a wide range of action figures, playsets, and vehicles featuring popular characters from movies, TV shows, and comics. Let your child's favorite heroes come to life as they embark on epic quests, defend the galaxy, and save the day. With our high-quality boys' toys, the possibilities for imaginative play are limitless. Fuel their fascination with vehicles, whether it's cars, trucks, planes, or construction vehicles. Watch as they engage in thrilling races, construct elaborate cities, and embark on daring rescue missions. Our boys' toys encourage creativity, hand-eye coordination, and the development of storytelling skills. We believe that all toys are for all children, regardless of gender. However, we understand that some toys may be more traditionally associated with boys' interests. Our boys' toy collection aims to offer a wide range of options that cater to diverse interests, encouraging girls to explore and discover their passions.

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Efrutti Gummi Mini Burger
From $0.33

Only 1 units left

Child Masks - TY - Animals

Only 5 units left

Carma Games
Tenzi Dice Game - Assorted Styles

In stock, 122 units

Squire Boone Village
Rock Crystal Candy - Medium - Watermelon

In stock, 160 units

Smarties-Smarties Roll - Giant-400337-Legacy Toys
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Smarties Roll - Giant

Out of stock

The Toy Network
3.5" Bead Squish Ice Cream Cone - Assorted Colors
From $1.99$2.99

In stock, 34 units

Creative Concepts
Pucker Powder - 12" Funnel Tube - Blue

Out of stock

Creative Concepts
Pucker Powder - 6" Funnel Tube - Red

In stock, 98 units

Stomp Rockets
Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

In stock, 13 units

The Toy Network
Fidget Tube Rainbow 7"
From $1.99$2.99

In stock, 341 units

The Toy Network
1.75" 45 mm Squish & Stretch Mini Gummi Ball 3 Pack Box

In stock, 49 units

Duncan Toys
Butterfly Yo-Yo Assorted Colors

In stock, 74 units

Creative Concepts
Pucker Powder - 18" Funnel Tube - Yellow

Only 7 units left

Ring Pop 0.5 oz. Assorted Flavors

Only 3 units left

The Toy Network-Bang Snaps - 50 Super Loud Individual Pieces--Legacy Toys
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The Toy Network
Bang Snaps - 50 Super Loud Individual Pieces
From $0.99$1.99

Out of stock

Squire Boone Village
Rock Crystal Candy - Medium - Green Apple

In stock, 61 units

Squire Boone Village
Rock Crystal Candy - Medium - Cherry

In stock, 13 units

Needoh Groovy Glob Ball

In stock, 27 units

The Toy Network
Micro Squish Fun Foods 1.5"-2.25"
From $0.99

In stock, 141 units

Bashful Bunny - Woodland
From $17.50

Only 7 units left

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