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Foam Blasters & Guns

Our foam blasters and guns are designed for thrilling battles while ensuring the safety of players. They shoot soft foam darts or balls, allowing kids to engage in friendly competitions without the risk of injury. With foam blasters, kids can unleash their strategic skills, precision aiming, and quick reflexes as they navigate through exciting missions and challenges. Choose from a variety of blaster styles, sizes, and firing mechanisms to find the perfect foam blaster for your epic battles. From single-shot pistols to rapid-fire blasters, there's something for every aspiring foam warrior. Foam blasters not only provide thrilling entertainment but also promote active play and hand-eye coordination. Kids can create their own battle scenarios, set up obstacle courses, and develop strategic plans to outmaneuver their opponents.


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5.25" Ray Gun Water Squirter Assorted Colors
From $1.20$2.99
Gel Blaster
Gel Blaster Barrel/Fin Pack
Hog Wild
T-Rex Popper
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