Hansa has created more than 7,000 realistic animal reproductions all finely crafted and hand sculptured. The plush animals are anatomically scaled from small size to actual life size like our 16' tall Giraffe.

Hansa Plush materials are carefully designed and tested to comply with every safety standard around the world. Every sculptured creation is filled with fiber made from recycled PE bottles thus conserving our natural resources. Hansa Creation conducts Educational Tours for students to learn about the habitat and behavior of the animals as well as the danger they face if this generation does not act responsibly on matters of animal protection and consider the effects of global warming.

Working together with Museums, Conservation Organizations and Educational Institutions makes Hansa Creation one of the most unique plush animal manufacturers.

Hansa has a passion to create soft hand sculptured animals to give that warm feeling that kindles the emotions and forms that special relationship for the young and young at heart.