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Square 19.7" Liquid Color Floor Tile with Anti‐Slip Mat


Color: Green/Yellow

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Legacy Toys Liquid Floor Tiles are an absolutely amazing liquid tile that can be uses as dance floor, kids' playmat, chair mat, decorative floor tile and even for business show floors. The modular liquid-filled dance floor tile is made of two sheets of PVC with an anti-slip mat on back, these fluid dance floors never cease to dazzle and amuse. The liquid fusion dance floors are currently available in many color patterns. Kids love these and they are great attention getters and keep kids and adults entertained for hours.

This includes 1 Liquid Floor Tile of your choice, choose for our collection of 6 colors.

Features: Bright cosmic liquid color that moves with every step, jump, dance, or hop ; environmental protection and safety, nontoxic for children

Safety: Filled by cosmetic liquid, environmental protection and safety, nontoxic for children

Size:  Each Tile is 19.7" X 19.7" in size.

Anti-Slip: Our Liquid Floor Tiles feature Anti-Slip, the backside has a pvc anti slip mat with a strong anti slip pad. This protects the floor and keeps the tile in place.

Recommended Use: These tiles are great for Kids Playrooms, Entrance ways, Dance Floors, Playmats, Tradeshows and pratically anywhere else. No one can resist dancing on these when they walk across them.

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Customer Reviews

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Susan S. (Minnesota)
My daughter is thrilled with her liquid floor tile; a great, fun addition to her room!t

I'm very appreciative of the friendly, helpful staff at Legacy Toys. I left the floor tile at the shoe store nextdoor, luckily it was returned to Legacy. Staff member Bernadette took the time to track the sale and personally contact me. It is a great reminder of the value of supporting small, local businesses! Thank you!

Jennifer B. (Minnesota)
So neat!!

Everyone who sees them loves them-even adults! One teacher friend ran out and bought three right away!