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Boogie Board Sketch Pals e-Writer Camper the Puppy


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4 - 12 Years old

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Made in China

Sketch Pals are clippable doodle board characters that let your kids doodle while they’re out and about! Easy to take on the go and great for keeping kids occupied without screen time.

Kids can doodle with anything, including the attached stylus or even their fingernail. With the push of the pals nose, the doodle board instantly clears itself. There are no erase marks or wiping needed!

Perfect for kids who are using their imagination to write and create with intention and purpose

Sketch Pals easily help kids can stay occupied without screen time. Because the stylus is attached, there’s no worry of it getting lost.

Sketch Pals doodle boards use Boogie Board’s LCD technology, which means your kids can write with anything you have handy—the included stylus or even your fingernail! No special markers required.

When kids are ready to start again, they just push the button and watch the doodle board instantly erase itself. There’s no need to wipe anything or use special erasers.

With a variety of pals to choose from, kids will have a tough time choosing their favorite.

Ages 4+

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Boogie Board Sketch Pals e-Writer Camper the Puppy

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