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Making Every Day a Party: 3 Ways to avoid family “Cabin Fever” at Legacy Toys

Making Every Day a Party: 3 Ways to avoid family “Cabin Fever”


Look… We get it.

With all of this COVID chaos, it can be hard not to go a little stir crazy. As much as we love our families, sitting around the table and making empty eye contact over grilled cheese and condensed soup for the fourth day in a row can get a little… dull.

Lucky for you, we’ve got loads of ideas to keep your loved ones entertained. As frustrating as it may be to stay cooped up with seemingly nothing to do, we firmly believe that all of this ‘together-time’ may actually be a blessing in disguise! After all, nothing screams “Family Bonding” like cancelled classes and shuttered office doors.

With this in mind, please enjoy these 3 ways to avoid family “cabin fever.”



 “They say everything looks better with odd numbers of things. But sometimes I put even numbers — just to upset the critics.” -Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting

Bob seriously knows what he’s talking about here, folks. If there are any skills or activities you or your family have been dying to try out, now is the time. No one cares if you do it correctly or not, so long as you are striving to create a joyful, positive experience for everyone to enjoy! Sometimes it may seem like we’ve exhausted all of the fun our own homes have to offer, but this is never the case. All it takes is a good attitude and a little bit of creativity to get the day back on track. There’s no reason to paint your world beige when there is a plethora of colors and experiences at your fingertips!

If life gives you lemons, you might as well learn to juggle.

If you’re struggling to think of something new to do, take a chance on our “Stay Positive Crate.” Designed to channel your inner Bob Ross, this bundle features a variety of artistic, puzzling, and culinary experiences that are sure to flip that frown upside down! With everything from boardgames to sweets, this kit has everything you need to keep your blossoming artists and naturalists grinning for days.

If none of this tickles your fancy, go ahead and print off a few free coloring sheets for the kiddos, and let their senses of imagination go wild in the house… It’s a surefire way to brighten the day!



Whether you’ve been around for 40 years or 40 months, we’re willing to bet you enjoy a good story from time to time. From the moment we’re born, books are used to teach and entertain, inspiring us to live our best lives from day one.

The best things about them? They never stop working.

Pages may grow dirtied and torn, but even as adults we can pull meaning and joy from a well-written kids’ book. So if you find your kiddos sitting around and twiddling their thumbs, consider sending some love your local authors’ way. Pulled straight from the snowy Minnesota tundra, our friends at Legacy Bound have collectively written and published a wonderful, family-friendly collection of stories for everyone to enjoy. With vivid illustrations from local artists, and stories with well-developed characters and underlying moral values, they offer a little something to people of all ages.

The Best Part of a Sauna, by Sheryl Peterson

While these books are relevant and cater to people around the world, they focus heavily on the traditions and practices of the upper Midwest… Perfect for anyone in search of a little sentimental charm!

If your bookshelf is getting just a bit too full (which we, personally, do not think is possible), consider this an opportunity to write your very own story together. Just grab a piece of notebook paper, scribble “Once upon a time,” lazily across the top, and pass it around the table, letting everyone take turns adding a sentence. It’s nothing complicated, and you may not end up with a masterpiece, but at least its yours.



Dr. Eureka, by Blue Orange Games, is one of many science and logic-based games Legacy Toys has to offer. If you want to hear about the others, simply find us and ask.

Every doctor, laboratorian, and climatologist out there gets her start as a bumbling little mad scientist. Fortunately for our mental giants-to-be, this newfound together-time gives them an unprecedented chance to explore and experiment for hours on end! From potato clocks to Rube Goldberg machines, there are plenty of activities available - free or otherwise - to feed their curiosity. 

A kid’s brain is a sponge, and it is ready to absorb whatever comes its way. There’s no reason their education has to stop, simply because their classroom does! While we will be posting plenty of fun, DIY science experiments in the near future, we urge you to check out everything Science Bob has to offer in the meantime.

If you’ve got a proper Einstein on your hands, consider investing in our Kids Science Experiment Box. With a quality microscope by Thames & Kosmos, an owl pellet dissection kit, a crystal growing set, and a generous serving of Albanese gummy worms, it is a bargain of a way to get the family experimenting the day away. With a bundled savings of over $60, and scientific entertainment that never quits, this box is a no-brainer for the mad scientist sitting at your kitchen table, defiantly dropping mints in her soda.

Above all else, remember that we’re right there with you!

If you’re worried about leaving the house to pick up something new, we’ve got you covered! We’ll get you and your family playing around in no time. (If you’re itching to get out of the house and stretch those legs a bit, no worries… We provide curbside pickup, too)

From all of us at Legacy Toys, we’re wishing you a happy, healthy family staycation!

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