Return 2 Learn: Kindergarten

The Kindergarten age child can be full of boundless energy. They are running, jumping, skipping non-stop. Kindergarten age children are eager to please and might want to show off what they have made or see. Encourage your child to tell you more about their creation, ask open ended questions like, what is this (door) for, or why did you choose a certain color. Kindergarten age children might love telling jokes. Make it an evening practice to tell a joke of the day at breakfast or around the dinner table. 

What should my Kindergarten-age child be learning?

  • Spelling, Phonics & Learning to Read
  • Handwriting
  • Math & Money
  • Shapes & Patterns & Colors
  • Social Studies
  • Health/Science/Community

Brain Quest Workbooks are curriculum-based exercises and activities aligned with common core standards to supplement learning with a spirit of fun. Complement the workbook with our Kindergarten age recommended line ofproducts to assist parents in making learning from home not only educational, but fun!

The Power of Play: Clapping Balloon Ball

Balloon Catch

Blow up a balloon and have your child toss it into the air, have them count with claps 1, 2, etc. until they catch the balloon in their arms. They can then throw it higher up and see how many more claps they can get before the balloon comes down. This can also be played outdoors with a ball or stomp rocket in a safe area. 

Stomp Rocket Jr.

Find 200+ screen free activities for your Kindergartener in this new and exciting book designed to give you ideas and activities for 3-5 year olds.

Unplugged Play