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Unicorns Friends or Foe Party Card Game for Kids & Adults


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  • Friend Edition
  • Foe Edition


Unicorns Friend or Foe is a set collecting party game. You will be arming fierce characters with outrageously lethal weapons. Once wielding these weapons they will be free to go forth and slaughter the pesky unicorns.

Friend Edition:
Unicorns have always been sought after. Whether it’s by those who are infatuated with them and want to be their friends or those who want to harvest their valuable resources. It’s time to pick a side, Friend or Foe. If you are reading this then it’s clear that you adore unicorns and desperately want to become their friend. Good luck and remember money can’t buy you love but it can buy you expensive things to give them to others so that they like you.  Ages 8+

Foe Edition:
If you are reading this then it’s clear that you despise unicorns and want their horned head mounted on your wall. Good luck and remember don’t run with scissors, well unless you’re planning on plunging them into the eyes of unicorns.  Ages 13+

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Unicorns Friends or Foe Party Card Game for Kids & Adults

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lauren E. (Minnesota)
Amazing Game

I bought both versions of this game and they have been truly amazing and fun to play! I got to play test this game multiple times and to see it in stores makes me so happy! Chip did an amazing job creating the mechanics of this game and made a fun game for all ages!!

April S. (Texas)
Excellent game! Lots of fun!

I got to play the game when they were play testing it in Duluth, and it was so much fun that I had to buy both when they released them. It is so much fun, easy to learn, and everyone enjoys playing it! Wonderful job!!

Rachel C. (Minnesota)
Super Fun and Easy to Learn! Well made!

Everyone who has played with me has loved this simple, exciting, and hilarious game! The cards are well designed and sure to make you laugh. There’s twists and turns that keep the game exciting. Highly recommend!

Paul (Minnesota)
Fantastic Game

This game is wonderful. Simple enough to play with the kids while also strategic enough to play with your game night buddies. We have been waiting for this to be released so we can add it to our collection and are so excited that it will finally be available.

Alyson (Minnesota)

I absolutely love this game. It quickly became one of my favorites. It’s really easy to learn and there are enough options that you can play it over and over again. I would definitely recommend it. So happy that I got to play test it.

Scott E. (Minnesota)
Approachable game with Suprizing Depth

I've gotten to playtest approximately 20 games of Unicorns Friend or Foe and I have found that the game is engaging for both casual and more intense gamers. It is easy to learn but allows for many diverse strategies. Players combine luck and strategy that leaves every game feeling fresh and different. As it plays quickly, I plan on playing it as a starter game on game nights or with our families when we visit. Another amazing part of the game is the artwork and design. The cards' text and artwork are creative and hilarious, making every player lean across the table for a closer look.

Tanner K. (Minnesota)
Great Game!

This game was a hit for our family. It’s easy to learn and has a blend of strategy with random chance to still keep it interesting. A great game for a family game night!

Edye R. (Minnesota)
Granny and Grandson Fun

We were so Excited we got to preplay this game. We both had a fun time. Loved the strategy, humor and generational gaming experience.
Can’t wait to own it and share with others. Pre-ordered Friend and Foe so we can mix it up!!!

Phillip (Minnesota)
Good mechanics and side hurting laughter

While in Legacy Toy looking at games I was lucky enough to start a conversation with the creator of this game. He asked if I would be willing to play test and the next day started my love for this game. The straight forward mechanics made it quick to learn and the tongue in cheek humor kept me laughing. I even got both of my teenagers to play it with me.

Thanks so much for the review and thanks for sharing these great pictures!

Duluth f. (Minnesota)
Learn who your friends really are....

We got to playtest this game and we loved it! Tons of giggles and quotable moments.

Thanks for sharing, love the pic!

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