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The Incredible Ways Puzzles Are Good For the Brain at Legacy Toys

The Incredible Ways Puzzles Are Good For the Brain


Puzzles aren’t just a fun pastime your kids can do independently or with the family—they’re fantastic learning tools that stimulate the mind. If you want to enhance your child’s concentration, shape recognition, or problem-solving skills, buy them a puzzle!

Boost Memory

One of the incredible ways puzzles are good for the brain is that they challenge and boost short-term memory. For example, as you search for the correct piece, you may have to recall where you saw it last or think about how colors and shapes line up between pieces.

Kids love repetition, so many complete the same puzzles repeatedly! The more a child does the same puzzle, the better they get at memorizing where each piece goes until assembling it is a breeze.

Expert Tip

If your child has a favorite puzzle, try mixing things up at playtime by first having them choose one they do less frequently. When you mix things up, you challenge your child’s memory by making them go for longer periods before completing the same puzzle.

Improve Problem-Solving

Puzzles are an easy way to introduce problem-solving and spatial awareness to your child. First, they’ll have to understand the shape and how turning it may create a better fit. Eventually, they’ll begin grasping the basics of problem-solving. As they look at a jumbled mess of complex shapes, they’ll have to dig out the right ones to complete the picture.

Are you doing puzzles with your kids? Although it’s hard sometimes, don’t just hand them the piece they need—make them work for it by asking questions with helpful hints:

  • What shape looks like this?
  • Do you see a piece with two edges?
  • Can you find the piece with green leaves?

These questions will supply your child with the right amount of information to locate the piece they need while still challenging their reasoning skills.

Lower Stress

Looking for more incredible ways puzzles are good for the brain? Stress relief and proper coping mechanisms allow a child to grow into a happy and healthy adult, and puzzles help lower stress.

As your child focuses on completing a picture of an adorable puppy or roaring dinosaur, they fully engage their mind. If you’re looking for a puzzle your child will love, Legacy Toys has everything from fun aquatic puzzles to ones of scenic landscapes.

Doing puzzles relieves stress because the task is immersive and requires your mind to engage fully, so there isn’t room for negative thinking. Puzzles don’t just require thinking power but also strategy because you have to understand where each piece fits best.

Buy your children a puzzle they’ll love so that they can engage themselves in a pastime that boosts their memory and hand-eye coordination while lowering their stress. If you’re a busy parent looking to order toys online, shop at Legacy Toys. We have exactly what you need, whether you want a basic puzzle for your toddler or one with over 1,000 pieces for your little brainchild!

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