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Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Ideas at Legacy Toys

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Ideas


How to throw a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

If your kids are anything like mine they enjoy a good party. For my daughter the best part of a party is the planning! She loves to come up with activities, decorations and food. Then we figure out how to make it all happen. Here are some great ideas to get you started on throwing your very own Unicorn themed party. 

Make the Decorations


  • Find colorful balloons and streamers and decorate a room in your home (typically the dining room) where the fun will be held. 
  • Make a unicorn rainbow photo spot either with a printed backdrop or design your own
  • Print signs and invites and send them to friends


Make the Food

  • Make a cake or cupcakes with multi colored sprinkles
  • Make some unicorn dip with these Instructions
  • Make some Unicorn fudge - Instructions
  • Make Popcorn and add confetti sprinkles to it for fun
  • Buy some unicorn cotton candy

Design the Activities

There you have it! Just don't forget to invite your stuffed unicorn friends! We hope you enjoy these ideas to throw your next party and you can use them as a stepping stone to create the ultimate Unicorn party.

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