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Discover a variety of genres within our Chapter Books collection, including fantasy, adventure, mystery, science fiction, and more. From beloved classics to contemporary favorites, there's a chapter book to suit every young reader's taste and interests. Introduce young minds to the joy of reading with early chapter books that feature engaging stories, simple vocabulary, and age-appropriate content. These books help build reading confidence and foster a lifelong passion for books and storytelling. Immerse older readers in thrilling series and longer chapter books that offer complex plots, character development, and thought-provoking themes. These books encourage critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our Chapter Books collection includes works from renowned authors and beloved series that have captured the hearts of readers worldwide. From magical worlds to coming-of-age tales, these books offer rich storytelling that sparks the imagination.


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Legacy Bound
A Wonderful Country: Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie

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Legacy Bound
North of Reliance

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Legacy Bound

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Legacy Bound
Paddling to Winter

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XYZ Toys
Hidden Chance

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XYZ Toys
Journey to China

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