If only there was Another Summer


Another Summer is a slice of warm apple pie with it's adult charm and child friendly readability for children grades 2 - 4. The story follows Cornelius and his sister Abby down the road of fun summer trips, cabin adventures and a baseball game of a lifetime. Cornelius narrates his daydreams with fun, sparkling amusement that will keep your young reader yearning with their own question "if only there was, another summer?"

Sitting back in his desk at school our character Cornelius finds himself daydreaming. "If there was another summer, we'd hop on our bicycles and head to the water park. When we got too hot and thirsty, we could rest at the Tropical Cove diner. An enormous tree would fully block the sun and cool our faces." Pretty soon, there's a pirate ship, a mutiny and a little trouble for our Cornelius.

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