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Legacy Toys Reviews


Here at Legacy Toys, getting reviews is what helps drive our business. We'd love for you to leave a review on what you've purchased or your experience working with us. We're always striving to improve and consider every review, we work hard to reply to all of them. thank you for helping build a better community at Legacy Toys.

Based on 2296 reviews
Perfect Fidget for a Camp Package

My son loved receiving this fidget in his camp care package! Lots of fun for all and a funny sound to boot! Yay for small fidgets to fit inside small packages!

A HUGE hit!

Our 3 year old, and 16 month grandsons love this toy!
It has been a huge hit with both of them and they can share because of the multiple cars. I love that it is made of wood, no plastic!

Bo Katan & Stormtrooper

I collect this whole series of Star Wars figures, they are an amazing value for what you get! They look good as display pieces!

Sinclair - Australian Shepherd 16"
Sophie M. (Minnesota)

This plushy is an impressive facsimile of an Australian shepherd with its detailed markings and textured fur.

Helping with potty training

These are great! Our son loves the mystery of opening these! We are using them as prizes during potty training and it seems to be working because he loves Nintendo characters!

Lots of fun

My nephew loves Nerf and got this one when visiting me. He enjoyed playing with it while at my house and was small enough for him to pack in his suitcase when he flew back home.

Great fun!

Firstly, Legacy Toys did a great job getting this shipped out and delivered super fast. My 27 month old grandson really had a fun time with this. My daughter said it was one of the longest times he played with a toy. So great for either boy or girl...he loved making those French Fries!

Discovery Shark Week Monopoly
RON J. (New York)
Awesome Game. Best Time of the Year !!!

I love Shark Week and this version of Monopoly is a great way to make this time of the year even better. Love the pieces and the gameplay. Makes you feel like you are actually a part of Shark Week !!!

1.5" Gummy Fruit
Henry (Minnesota)
Gummy Fruit Grapes

These little Gummy Fruit mini squishies are adorable! We got the bunch of grapes and it is a really cute toy and fun to squish! Also love that it comes in its own little container box.

Magic Growing Animal Capsules
Henry (Minnesota)
Great Nostalgic Toy

These growing animal capsules brought back great memories from our childhood. We used to BEG for these! We couldn't resist getting them for our son. We had a great time putting them in water and waiting to be surprised at what animal would form. Lots of fun for little money.

2.25" Egg Maraca
Henry (Minnesota)
We love these egg shakers!

We love these little egg shakers! They are actually great baby toys. Babies seemed facsinated with them :) I love that they come in nice pastel colors. They make a very fun gift for all ages!

Tonies Characters
Lisa H. (Wisconsin)
Cannot wait for my Grandkids to experience all the fun of their new Tonies!!!

Imaginative and colorful, with familiar characters and fun stories and music! Easy setup and portable fun!!

Son loves it!

This is a really fun game to play!

Farkle Dice Cup
E.H. (Ohio)
Looks like a fun game

I gave this game as a gift. I like the container it comes in and the varied ways it can be played.


This plush is fantastic! I saw it another store for $150, I can't believe the price difference and I am happy to support Legacy Toys!

Awesome Toy!

I bought this for a birthday party and it was a big hit with every single kid! It was being used the whole day! Legacy Toys has wonderful customer service and fast shipping. Couldn't ask for a better company to deal with.

Great Stuff!!!

Package arrived quickly. Item was well packed and nicely presented. Loved the cheetah pattern. This is the 2nd 2 Bros Bows I've purchased. They are very well made.

Fun addition

This was a rare find and a great addition to the Carcassonne game!

Fill a Bag of Rocks
Lacey S. (Minnesota)
Bag of rocks are great

What kid doesn’t love rocks! Beautiful selections of colors. My kids carry them everywhere!

Fun for the whole family

When I saw this I knew the family would love it. When it arrived, I opened it up and set it up in the backyard. It was quick and easy to assemble. Within 5 minutes the kids were playing giant connect four outside. It's been a great summer outdoor activity for the family. The kids seem to love it and have also found other creative games for all the large oversized rings as well. I'd recommend getting this for some great outdoor fun for the whole family. When winter does hit (I don't want to think about that now) I'll set it up in the basement and see if the kids will still enjoy using it indoors.

3" Squeezy Bead Fun Fruit
Alecia (Minnesota)
10-yr old’s choice

My 10-yr old had her pick of all the fidgets on fidget island, and she chose this one - the pineapple. (Though her pineapple has a smiley face; not sunglasses.)

2 Toys in 1

Great item. Polly Pocket toy but also a game as well. We got the "mini golf" one and you can actually play the game and try to get the little golf balls into the hole. They had other games too - bowling, basketball. Both looked equally as fun.

Mini lollipop

Perfect size for my 2, 4 and 6 yr olds as a fun little treat that didn’t break the bank. The kids were actually able to eat and enjoy the suckers (vs the big ones that are hard to fit your mouth around). And I liked that the stick was plastic vs paper. Easier to clean up after with a wet wipe.