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Love 💅

Exactly as pictured!

Peppa Pig Fun Friends - Pedro Pony
Taylor (North Carolina)
Love this pedro

Definitely haven't found one with Pedro like this so Definitely excited about my neice seeing this one. She gets so excited when she gets new ones

Peppa Pig Fun Friends - Zoe Zebra
Taylor (North Carolina)
So excited I found this

So glad I found this website. Couldn't find this anywhere so definitely excited to see my neice when she opens it

Peppa Pig Fun Friends - Rebecca Rabbit
Taylor (North Carolina)
Was exactly what it was supposed to be

Definitely buying more from here. Awesome prices and Definitely worth getting. My niece loves it


These are literally rock-hard plaster eggs that no four-year-old would ever have the patience to bust apart. They required 30 minutes of soaking in warm water before we could chisel into them at all (instructions say 3 minutes). Then the plaster starts to turn to slime and make a huge mess. My granddaughter tired of this nonsense in five minutes and went off to play, leaving me to dig through the slimy plaster to get to the tiny rubbery dinosaur inside. DON'T BOTHER!

Britney Spears Monopoly Game
KrisW (Connecticut)
Britney 💖

Love it !!!
Legacy Toys shipped this to me fast! I will not hesitate to make future purchases with them!

Bear Attack
Brittany M. (Ontario)
Amazing game!

This game is brilliant fun. I love finding new board games to play with family and friends and this is definitely a new favourite. I saw it online and new I had to get it right away! Exceeded all my expectations for fun :) I had a hard time finding someone that would ship to Canada so thank you very much to Legacy Toys for saving the day!!

9" Mesh Ball Assorted Styles
Jean S. (Iowa)
Great ball!

Thanks for having our dog’s favorite style of play ball. She loves the mesh over the ball…she doesn’t puncture the ball and she can carry around the ball with the mesh in her teeth. Thanks again!

B.H. (Maine)
New everytime

I love when a game offers some variance between play throughs and this does exactly that. Easy to understand and at time of writing it is 70 percent off, so worth a try no matter what!

B.H. (Maine)
Cool new game to try

Classic get rid of your cards game but with a cool twist of timeframe and motives. Fun to learn and play and it’s pretty quick overall as well.

Bear Attack
B.H. (Maine)
Great Fun

I was so excited to see this game on sale so I finally got it and played with some friends. It’s the epitome of game you always play when you hangout with the same people and was very easy to learn and set up. Lots of fun!

B.H. (Maine)
Good with a little learning

Some games are very easy and quick to learn and others take a bit of time and a few runs to understand what works and what doesn’t and this is one of those games. Overall it was fun and I liked the immersion into the world and lore. Fun card based game.

B.H. (Maine)
Simple and easy to learn

This game was fun to try out- it was simple and easy and a good amount of fun for a few people. I keep thinking of it like that one Mario Party mini game where if you jump to a platform that someone else jumps to then no one gets the coins, but if you jump to a different one you get them for yourself. It’s a fun strategy to mess with. Glad I got it!

Star Wars: The Black Series - #107 Count Dooku
John S. (Maryland)
Dooku Arrived

arrived super fast. The actual packaging of the item was not in the best condition. I’ll take the figure out the box. But if I wanted to keep it in the package as a collector’s item not possible. I’ll shop with Legacy again. Won’t hold them to this first transaction. Great prices too.

Wooden Flip Toy - Penguin
Jessica (District of Columbia)

Very pleased. Really good quality product and a great value! Lots of fun!

Astonishingly awesome

A great concept, providing a lot of elegant and fun little toys to fuel creativity. The best advent calendar yet; a great value; even more fun than my Harry Potter Lego advent cal. The Playmobile Wiltopia animals and their accessories are my current favorite animal figures.

Smash Up: The Bigger Geekier Box
S.B. (Texas)
It is a Box

Is it big? Yes! Is it Geeky? Yes! Is it a box? Yes! So, right off the bat, everything pans out. The box is well made, seems like it will hold up. The factions are OK but are a very nice inclusion. At the sale price I got it at, I would recommend. I do not think I would pay MSRP for it though just because I can get whole games for that price. A bit big for my current shelf, but I should have known due to the name :-) Enjoy your box!

Outstanding Service

My order was processed and arrived promptly. The up to date communication regarding my order/ delivery status was excellent. Lastly, the price for the item that I ordered was more reasonable than local retailers. Thank you Legacy Toys for your outstanding service!

UNO Card Game
Kimberly F. (Illinois)
Love the game normally I play with 2decks of cards

When I was a kid and my friends would play with 2 decks

So adorable

The animals in this set are so adorable! I will save them for gifts for my nieces and nephews.

JT (Minnesota)
The kids love these

We often buy these mini animals for birthday gifts. The kids love them. They have so much fun to set if them up and playing with them.

JT (Minnesota)
Life like

We love all of the Schleich animals. So life like!

Panda Cub, Playing
Jessica B. (Colorado)

Precious little panda. Cute details.


Fun little lollipops! Tasty too!

Jester Jack in the Box
Erica S. (Texas)
Awesome gift!

I gave this toy to an adult who loves clowns and was super excited to receive this toy. Before I gifted him wanted to check the quality of the toy and test it out because I wanted everything perfect and it was!