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Legacy Toys Reviews

Here at Legacy Toys, getting reviews is what helps drive our business. We'd love for you to leave a review on what you've purchased or your experience working with us. We're always striving to improve and consider every review, we work hard to reply to all of them. thank you for helping build a better community at Legacy Toys.
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To Cute

These rubber Alpaca with sound are so cute the kids loved them we take these and hide in the woods like a treasure hunt and when they find them you can't wipe the smile off there face=)

Andor: The Family Fantasy Game
SF M. (Mississippi)
Fun game across ages

I got this game for my nephews, who are 6 and 7. I thought it would introduce them to fantasy-type games and potentially lead to them wanting to play more of these types of games. In general, they enjoyed playing the game, and the first night we played 3 separate games. Once you learn the rules, the games only last about an hour tops, so it does not drag on too long. They really enjoyed rolling dice and uncovering cards and seemed to want to find the wolf cubs. Having different quests for different games really adds some nice variety, especially for adults. The game is colorful and the game board is filled with little challenges. Unusually for games they play, you can actually lose. In fact, the three of us lost our first two games. I think this is not really a problem because the games are short, and even when we won, it was a bit of a challenge still. So the feeling of victory is hard-won and all the more exciting.
My big complaint with this game is the sheer amount of pieces and how easily it is to lose things. The kids get very excited for things, and their arms (and legs!) often knock things around on the board. I had the game initially set up on a table, which is a bad idea. Pieces fall over, hide under rugs, get stuck to clothes, etc. It was only the next day that we found the last missing piece had the board completely filled with all the pieces again. Thus, you must play this game in a large, open space with few hiding spots, as things will inevitably get scattered.
So if you can keep the game board together it is really fun. It requires both smart individual choices, luck, and some cooperative strategy. Compared to highly competitive games this one allows some degree of teamwork, which I found enjoyable. Definitely worth exploring.

Lanky Cats Ziggie
Kelly C. (Minnesota)
I bought 5!!!

I bought more I liked them so much!

Tiger for Christmas

Zyan absolutely loved his tiger that Santa sent him for Christmas! The tiger is twice the size of Zyan and he loves hugging, playing and sleeping with him. I wish I could remember what Zyan named is favorite animal!! 😻

Perfect Petzzz Chocolate Lab
Nancy B. (Washington)
Coco comes home!!! Chocolate Lab

I bought it for Christmas for my 9 yr old granddaughter and she LOVES IT!!!!!! She says she loves feeling the motion of it breathing as it feels so real. The adoption certificate was a big hit and she loved naming it and naming her as it's owner. She loves brushing it and feeling its soft fur. She had been asking for one for sometime and squealed with excitement when she opened it on Christmas morning. Needless to say we are thoroughly happy with our purchase. I also want to thank you for getting it to us in time for Christmas! I was late in ordering it and was trying to prepare an alternate until the real one arrived, but you and Fedex made it happen!!!!! I will definitely order from you again. Thanks!!!!

Legacy Toys Gift Card
Heidi A. (Iowa)
Love Legacy Toys

Love everything they try to do with all aspects of the product, store, and service experience! Keep it up as long as your can, Legacy Toys!

Super good! Tastes like a blue raspberry icee.

Lanky Cats Ziggie
Angela m.
The best!

These cats are simply the best stuffies out there. They are easy to dress, carry and snuggle and the quality is great. They have such personality! We have them all!

12" Heirloom Floppy White Tiger
Nikki F. (Minnesota)
VERY plush and Realistic Looks

This stuffed animal washes up great which I was concerned about regarding the near complete stark white color. This is one of my son's favorite stuffed animal and he takes it all over. Great quality for a good price.

Realistic and Soft

My 2 year old daughter absolutely adores her little stuffed animal puppy! As an added bonus, our 2 year old king Charles Cavalier thinks it's REAL and tried to play with it lol. Great quality for a good price!

12" Stretchy String 2 Pack
Luann P. (Minnesota)
Stretchy string

Bought this for the kids at my granddaughter's daycare and they loved stretching them out. Keeped there hands busy.

Great Fun!!

We love Playmobil. The quality is great and such a fun toy for open ended play

Perfect couch buddy

I always wanted a mario mushroom

Perfect couch buddy

Perfect couch buddy soft and squishy

Snuggle Pods Lil' Peanut
Bonnie H. (California)
Finally Found Lil' Peanut!

Thank you for fulfilling my wish to buy my pregnant daughter this lovely little doll. My father, who was from Minnesota, called her Peanut as a baby and little girl. When I found out she was finally pregnant, I was a search for this Manhattan Doll. I had seen it featured on the Today Show in November & thought it would be the perfect gift. I started looking online for this doll. We found out that this particular doll was hard to find. We did find a secondary seller through Amazon and ordered it. It never came. I once again starting searching the internet. I'm so glad I found Legacy Toys!!! They had Lil' Peanut in stock and I ordered right away. Because of the late date, I did not receive it until after Christmas, but that was okay. We presented it to our daughter a few days after Christmas. With tears in our eyes and hers, we told her of the story of trying to get ahold of this perfect doll. From seeing it on the Today Show, the mishap ordering with Amazon, the praying to my dad in heaven for his prayers for finding his Little Peanut one of her own, to finding Legacy Toys (in Minnesota, crazy that!) , ordering it, and finally receiving it, priceless! Thank you for making my prayers and dreams come true.

Einstein Game
Heather K. (Minnesota)

Sorry -- too soon to give a review. After Christmas, I mailed the gifts for grandson (from Legacy) to California. They have not yet arrived, so can't answer your questions.

He did seem happy about them and is eager to try them out with family/friends.


Love it as it reminds me of my childhood. It's a very nice product. Bob.

You took care of the problem with prompt service will use you again

Great purchase

The horse has life-like features and was great compliment to other horse-related gifts.

Great purchase!

This gift was a total hit. Very detailed and engaging setup.

Perfect for any penguin lover!

On the hunt for penguin items we came across this figure and it’s super cute and fun to have on the charger

Violet Vale - Demon Lair
Claudia R. (Quintana Roo)
Great set

We loved the set. It’s very good to make up lots of stories and mix up with other playmobil sets

Thomas & Friends - TrackMaster:
Sara S. (Minnesota)
Percy and Thomas fun

This was such a hit! My 3 year old has a blast playing with his trains and adding Percy was great.

Plus-Plus Big Tube Giraffe 15pc
Sara S. (Minnesota)
Fun pieces

When assembled it hardly looks like a giraffe. The container doesn’t hold well so the pieces get separated easily. Other then that the pieces themselves are fun for little ones yo use fine motor skills. It’s a self led toy which I love for my kiddos.

Clue Suspect Card Game
Ann B. (Florida)

Fun card game of Clue! Less time to play then the original board version!