18" Robot Arm Grabber


Wishing your arms were longer so you can grab something out of reach? Look no further! Squeeze the trigger of this 18" Robot Arm Grabber to reach far away objects with ease! 

Ages 3+

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Richard P. (Pennsylvania)
Great Product ! Great price !

I am a disabled person and this item is absolutely invaluable to me. Although it is a toy I use it as an "every day helper" for things i cant reach (for light weight items ie. papers,clothing small misc objects, Nothing heavy) , and at the low price I can afford to have one in every room. Ordering was easy and shipping was quick ! Thanks again Legacy Toys

Michele T. (Pennsylvania)
The Grabber

Even though this is primarily a kids toy I bought it for a friends birthday as she used it to reach behind her washer and dryer to pick up her clothes! I had one and she was jealous so after I lent her mine she kept it till I stole it back. She was thrilled to open it up! I use mine a lot because I have short arms and this is perfect when reaching for stuff I just can’t get to. Makes my cleaning life so much easier and without cursing!!! 👍👍👍

Andrea C. (Minnesota)
Son loves it!

Great value for lots of fun!