Aquabeads - Jewel Bead Pack


Aquabeads is the original water-activated bead craft product. Made from the highest quality materials, Aquabeads are fun and safe for the entire family. The Jewel Bead Pack is a refill set with over 800 jewel beads featuring 8 colors: blue,green, yellow, red, orange, brown, purple and pink. Creating Aquabeads is easy - it's as simple as make, spray and they stay! To be used with any Aquabeads Playset. Refill set does not include layout tray, bead case and spray bottle.

  • Features jewel beads in 8 colors. Layout tray, bead pen or sprayer not included.
  • Over 800 jewel beads.
  • Compatible with any Aquabeads playset.
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