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First Sticker Book T. Rex


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Meet all kinds of dinosaurs as enormous as the magnificent T. Rex, or even bigger! From gentle giants such as the Brachiosaurus to the scary stalking Giganotosaurus. With plenty of big stickers to bring the exciting scenes to life.

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Dinosaurs were diverse and came in all shapes and sizes. Some were gigantic, like the long-necked Brachiosaurus, while others were small and agile, like the speedy Velociraptor. They ruled the land, air, and even the seas, showcasing a wide array of adaptations and features. One of the most famous dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurus rex, known as the "T. rex." This fearsome predator had sharp teeth and powerful jaws, making it a formidable hunter. But not all dinosaurs were fierce predators; some were gentle herbivores, munching on plants and leaves. Imagine a world where dinosaurs once roared, where huge herds of Triceratops grazed peacefully, and where Pterosaurs soared through the skies. It's a world filled with mystery and excitement! Fossils are the key to unlocking the secrets of dinosaurs. Paleontologists study these ancient remains to learn more about how these incredible creatures lived, behaved, and interacted with their environment.

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First Sticker Book T. Rex

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