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Kitan Club - Cat in Box of Tissues Blind Box - Assorted Styles


Kitan club cat in box of tissues
*Each sold separately



Who Says Toys are Just for Kids?

Toys don't just spark the imagination, they also make fun, interesting displays around your house or office. And while some people may say toys are just for kids, we believe they are great for both the young and the young at heart.

Whether for play or display, Cat in A Box of Tissues figurines are leading the way to fun! With this kind of detail and design, each figure of our 5-piece collection takes on a personality of their own. Japanese creatives have designed countless characters that transcend language and culture.

Great for users of all ages, our imaginative designs allow you to act out your own adventures! If playtime isn't your thing, they still make charming companions for your desk, bookshelf, cubical or anyplace in between. For added fun, your figurine arrives in a blind mystery box! You receive 1 of our 5 toys, allowing you to trade and collect them while enjoying a special surprise.

Unlike our competitors, we are offering genuine Japanese products! Famously cute and made with durable plastic, it's craftsmanship at its finest.

Why Choose Our Toy Figurines?

- Order includes 1 of 5 toys
- Great for play or decoration
- Blind mystery box for added fun
- Authentic Japanese design
- Made with durable plastic

  • Picture-Perfect Decorations: Whether you need to spruce up your bookshelf or you just want a cute companion for your desk, our Cat In a Box of Tissues can on any ledge. Measuring 1.5 x 1.0 x 1.0, they are a fun way to decorate your home and liven up your Instagram.
  • Collect Them All: Hunting for a cool, unique toy? Our blind boxes add a touch of mystery to each order. You will receive 1 of our 5 Cats In a Tissue Box, making every purchase a unique surprise. Just like trading cards, you can collect them all and build your own fierce 'n mischievous feline family.
  • Trusted Quality: Expertly designed and carefully crafted, these cat figurines reflect our commitment to trusted and reliable craftsmanship. Strong plastic ensures long-lasting durability while the beautifully detailed faces give each character its own unique charm.


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