Vintage Ant Farm


Invest in a childhood memory for someone you care about! Ant watchers of any age soon discover that ant habitats are far more than a mere toy.

An active ant habitat will provide a continuous stream of object lessons drawn from its miniature reflection of our own human civilizations. You and your friends will be amazed just how much you can learn from the humble ant? ? Ants have leaders and followers, just like humans do. ? Some ants are adventurous and bold while others are more timid and shy. Can you spot the fearless explorers? ?

Some ants understand the importance of cooperation while others seem to bumble around getting in everyone?s way, slowing down the work wherever they go. ? Some ants are hard workers while others seem to hardly ever work. ?

Some ants don?t seem to understand the notion of ?quitting? carrying huge loads up steep tunnels and hills.

When they overbalance and fall down, they invariably get up and try again and again. While ants are among the easiest ?pets? in the world to care for.

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