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Don’t Mind the Mud – 3 Classic Outdoor Activities for Spring at Legacy Toys

Don’t Mind the Mud – 3 Classic Outdoor Activities for Spring


3 Classic Outdoor Activities for Spring

We know we’re jumping ahead here, but can you blame us? Springtime is upon us, and we’re positively itching to shed those winter layers. Anyway, with ‘social distancing’ at the front of our minds, the idea of roaming around in wide open spaces with little ones in tow sounds, frankly, refreshing.

With an entirely new world climbing out from under the snow, ‘tis the season to inspire a love of and fascination for the earth. So never mind the puddles and the mud, just grab a pair of rain boots, use these ‘3 Outdoor Activities for Spring’ as a guide, and enjoy the change in seasons!

Outdoor Activities for Spring

  • Start a plant collection!
  • Like many other things in life, this is best enjoyed with the help of the entire family! As the yard begins to slowly shift to green, keep an eye out for any wildflowers, shrubs, or even weeds that come to life. Simply take turns picking, pressing, and identifying the plants, ultimately storing them in a journal for later. Not only will this inspire your kids to rise up at the crack of dawn and head on out to roam the lawn (like a daily little egg hunt), it will also provide a seasonal keepsake to lighten spirits when those mounds of snow inevitably return.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    How to do it:

    First, let the kid(s) loose on the lawn in search of a plant. Use your field guide to make sure the plant is not in any way endangered or illegal to obtain, then allow them to pick it from the ground. Only collect on property you personally own or have permission to pick from.

    Next, place the plant between two pieces of paper, placing it into one of your flower presses and closing it tightly. Store this in a warm and dry place, opening it every couple of days to check on progress. Because it takes a few days to a week to properly dry most plants, having an extra press or two will keep the process going.

    Once the plant is dry, record its name and date of collection at the top of a journal page. Below this, have use the paintbrush to lightly brush glue over a space roughly the size of your plant. Gently press the plant into this glue, and leave the page to dry.


    While younger kids may need help labeling and identifying, the actual process of preserving these plants is an easy activity for everyone to enjoy! Moreover, by the time the school year comes around, these journals will make amazing “show and tell” curiosities!

    Kites for Kids

  • Fly a kite!
  • We know it’s simple, but we’re serious here. These classic toys cater to kids of every age and need. 

    It is beyond easy to get the little ones started out in a field, running rampant in an effort to bring their canvas creation to flight. They may fail the first few times around, but that’s just a part of growing up and learning new skills. It teaches them about patience and self-control, all while keeping their legs moving and sparking a sense of excited wonder in their minds.

    As kids get older and learn to entertain themselves, kites can be a unique way to keep them occupied for hours. They can enter dangerous mid-air battles, compete over who can fly their kite the highest or for the longest time, and even fly them casually behind the boat on your very first seasonal troll around the lake. 

    Rainbow Stunt Kite for Kids

    If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend trying out the Rainbow Stunt Kite by Melissa & Doug. Easy to fly and classic in design, this durable kite will meet the needs of almost any flight enthusiast out there!

    So take advantage of this seasonal change in winds, and take your family fun to new heights with one of the oldest toys out there!

    Kids Pet Rock

  • ‘Adopt’ a pet rock!
  • For such a simple activity, it is amazing how much free time this can consume, and how many memories it can truly make. 

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Hiking trail
    • Acrylic paint, brush, and googly eyes
    • Shoe box (1 per person)

    Here’s how you make a day out of it:

    Start by taking the family out for a nice, long hike through the woods. As you traverse your way through the wilderness, instruct everyone to pick out a rock that tickles their fancy. Have everyone carry a grocery bag and collect leaves, twigs, and pine needles as “bedding” for their pet rocks. Feel free to stretch the hike as long as you like, as it simply gives your family more time to enjoy the wilderness and find oddities to include in their habitats.

    Once rocks have been selected and tiny legs have grown tired from their wooded adventure, head inside to wash and dry your new pets.  Next, set out some newspaper in the lawn, prepare your paints for use, and get to decorating your rocks. Once everyone is satisfied with their painting job, dole out those googly eyes and bring your pets to life.  Never forget the googly eyes… We want our pets to see.

    After this, set out the shoe boxes, and have everyone decorate one as their pet rock’s habitat. Have them fill it with the “bedding” collected on the trail. Once everything is set, instruct them to pick names for their rocks, and write these names on their habitats. 

    Allow rocks and habitats ample time to dry, then clean up and take turns introducing your pet rocks to one another. While your new pets may not feel much in the way of joy, you can rest assured that they’ll keep your family smiling from the sheer silliness of this activity!


    Have any outdoor activity suggestions? Want to share your creations?

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