Traveling by plane, train, or automobile and need something to keep your nerves at bay?

Fidget toys can be a great solution to boredom and shedding some of those travel anxieties! But what do you bring? Our fidgetting experts have taken some of the guess work out of common mistakes made when choosing from your fidget collection so you can travel at ease! 

DO: Pack Engaging Fidgets. Avoid wasting space on fidgets you won’t play with by packing favorites that are the most engaging to you. If you know you could fidget with aTangle for hours, then that should be the first toy you pack! The fidgets that are buried at the bottom of your collection may not be the best choice.     


DON’T: Pack Too Big or Too Many. We know it can be tempting to want to bring as many of your favorite fidget toys as possible or even yourGiant Popit with over one hundred pops, but sometimes there just isn’t enough space or time to play with them all. Fidgets that have multiple sensory inputs, such asFidget Cubes, are a good way to reduce the number of toys you may want to pack.


DO: Pack Durable. There is nothing worse than having one of your fidgets suddenly pop and start oozing mystery liquid everywhere. We suggest picking out fidget toys that are more durable, such asPopits or theLil Dimpl. Fidgets like these can hold up to hours of play and are less likely to break while being packed and transported to your destination.


DON’T: Pack Liquids or Slimes. Although some of our favorite fidgets are squishy, squeezy, or slimy, these don’t always make the best travel toys! These can be quite messy if they pop or spill and may not meet the travel requirements for traveling by airplane. The moment when a TSA agent confiscates your favoriteNeeDoh Ball is not the best time to find out you can’t bring it on the plane.

DO Pack Small: Pocket-sized fidgets, such asFidget Spinners andWacky Tracks, are some of the best options for quick and easy packing. Anything that is a keychain, like aSimpl Dimpl, makes attaching to your bag or belt loops really easy.


DON’T Pack Noisy: Fidgets likePop Tubes andPopit Balls can be great for satisfying auditory stimming needs, but can be bothersome to others nearby. Noisy toys can also be distracting to the driver if you are traveling by car, so it is best to leave those types of fidgets at home.

At Legacy Toys, we get it!! When it comes to fidget toys, it can be difficult to narrow down WHAT you want to bring on your next trip, especially when you have a bunch of favorites in your collection! There are many things to consider, like how messy it is, its size, how noisy the fidget can be, or if it is engaging for you. We wish you good luck as you pack up & travel to the next great adventure!