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Best Stocking Stuffers! at Legacy Toys

Best Stocking Stuffers!

If your loved ones made the NICE list this year, you'll need stocking stuffers.
Although these gifts tend to be small, if it is cool enough, it can still get the title of “Best toy I got this year!” So let's un-stuff these Stocking Stuffers and check out our top picks for the holiday season!

Stuffers Under $5!

Each 24-character series pack contains one mystery figure from the world of Playmobil. Who will you discover?
Roll ‘em, flip ‘em, or toss ‘em and they will always land on their feet! These soft and round friends fit in the palm of your hand and come in dozens of styles to collect
What will you discover in the palm of your hand? Choose from Farm Animals, Minerals and Fossils, or Dinosaurs and start digging! Each I Dig It! Kit includes a chisel tool to help you uncover the surprise inside.
Collect the entire Dohjee crew! Each blind box contains one Teenie NeeDoh and one Dohjee Creature. Pop and swap the NeeDoh balls to keep your crew looking fresh. Fidgets never looked so cool.

Stuffers Under $10!

Still not enough snow to build a snowman? That’s okay! Stay warm and build a Playfoam Snowman instead. Play for hours with this squishy and stretch foam that doesn’t dry out.
Babies discover the world with their hands and mouths. So get them a book designed for how babies “read”. Indestructibles are the best rip proof, waterproof, drool proof, and chew proof way to introduce storytime. They are also portable and lightweight, making them perfect for travel or tossing into the diaper bag.
Who says size matters when it comes to fun? These collectible toys and figures are designed to be miniature replicas of all of your favorite classic retro toys and even some new-aged trend setters. And they actually work!
A new game is hitting the shelves at Legacy Toys: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza! In this fast-paced party style card game, your goal is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. But be careful! You may end up with the entire stack instead.

Stuffers Under $20!

The goal is simple: take the pieces of the puzzle apart and put it back together again. With six levels of difficulty to choose from, anyone from novice to expert can enjoy the challenge and beauty of each of these metal puzzles.
Need something that is challenging and fun with a dash of calming sensory effect? Look no further than Shashibo! Designed with durability in mind, this shape-shifting puzzle box is a great gift for fidgeters from kid to adult and has magnets for that satisfying “click” as you play. With its ability to transform into over 70 different shapes, you will be spending hours discovering new ways to play. And the best part? The more of these fidget puzzle boxes you collect, the more shapes you can create.



At Legacy Toys, we know every little detail counts when planning holiday gifts for your loved ones! Stocking Stuffers are a great way to enhance your gift giving this holiday season and put a smile on those little faces!
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