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DIY Summer Crafts for Kids at Legacy Toys

DIY Summer Crafts for Kids


Let's Create Summer Crafts!

DIY summer crafts are a fun and creative way for kids to express themselves and stay entertained during the long summer months. There are so many different ways that kids can create and learn during the summer months. Here are our favorite ideas for summer crafts and projects that kids can make at home:

Shell wind chimes: If you live near the beach, collecting shells can be a fun and productive summer activity. Kids can use their shells to create a beautiful wind chime by stringing them together with twine or fishing line. Hang the wind chime on your porch or in your backyard to enjoy the soothing sound of the shells in the breeze. Don't have access to shells? No worries! Our Nature Multi Activity Kit has everything you need to make fun crafts, including wind chimes and face masks.

DIY tie-dye shirts: Tie-dyeing is a classic summer activity that never goes out of style. All you need is a plain white t-shirt, fabric dye, and rubber bands to create a colorful and unique design. Kids can experiment with different dye colors and patterns to make their tie-dye shirts truly one-of-a-kind. Check out Ooze Labs Tie-Dye Kit!

DIY bird feeders: Summer is a great time to observe and learn about birds in your backyard. Kids can make their own bird feeders using a variety of materials such as pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. Hang the bird feeders from trees or bushes and watch as the birds come to feast.

Friendship bracelets: Making friendship bracelets is a classic summer activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. All you need is some embroidery floss and a little patience to create a colorful and intricate bracelet design. Kids can make bracelets for themselves or for their friends and family members as a thoughtful and handmade gift. Friendship bracelet kits like this one from MindWare have everything needed to create awesome jewelry!

Summer scrapbook: A summer scrapbook is a great way for kids to document and remember their summer adventures. All you need is a blank scrapbook, some colorful paper, and your child's creativity. Kids can include photos, souvenirs, and other mementos to create a personalized and meaningful keepsake of their summer memories.

Painted rock garden: Collect a bunch of smooth rocks from your backyard or a nearby park, and paint them with colorful designs and patterns using acrylic paint. Once they dry, place them in your garden or create a mini rock garden in a planter.

Paper crafts: Use colorful construction paper, scissors, and glue to create paper crafts like origami animals, paper chains, or 3D paper flowers. There are endless possibilities for paper crafts, and they're great for keeping kids entertained on a hot summer day. Get started with our Paper Bugs Paper Creation Kit!

These are just a few of the many DIY summer crafts and projects that kids can make at home. By encouraging your child's creativity and imagination, you can help them stay engaged and entertained all summer long. DIY summer crafts can be a fun and rewarding way for kids to express themselves, develop their motor skills, and learn new things. There are countless other summer crafts and projects that you can try with your kids. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

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