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World of Animals Coloring Book FREE Download with over 40 Animals at Legacy Toys

World of Animals Coloring Book FREE Download with over 40 Animals


As many of you know Legacy Toys, has a Children's publishing company called Legacy Bound. We love producing amazing products for families to enjoy. We had several new coloring books ready to go to print in 2020, prior to COVID-19.

However, with lots of families staying at home and parents working from home looking for things for their kids to do, we decided to release a few of them for FREE on our website. We're excited to release this fun coloring book for young kids called World of Animals. With over 40 illustrations of fun animals in the Safari, Woodland, Jungle, Dessert, Farm, Rain Forest and more, this free printable pdf coloring book will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Click the cover to download or click the link below.

World Of Animals Coloring Book

Download the World of Animals Coloring Book Printable PDF. Just click the link, add the item to your cart and use Coupon Code WOACB at Checkout to get it for FREE.

Just browse some of these fun samples.

Shark Coloring Page

Cat Family Coloring Page


We hope you'll enjoy downloading this FREE Printable PDF coloring book to share with your kids. From Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolfs, Toucan's and more, there is bound to be lots of animals your kids will love coloring for hours.

We also encourage you to turn this time into an educational coloring session.

Here are some ideas to help your kids learn while they color.

  1. Have a photograph of the animal nearby and have them try to match the colors
  2. Have your child identify each animal in the book
  3. Have your child name the countries or regions where each animal lives
  4. Teach about the different sizes of animals
  5. Talk about what each animal likes to eat
  6. Have your child make the sound of each animal

These are just a few ideas to get you started, we hope you'll come up with more fun ideas to turn coloring time into an educational opportunity.

We'd love to hear how you use this and what your kids think. Send us a message or share your works of art on our Instagram page just tags us with #legacytoys.

Stay tuned as we release our next coloring book in this series; The Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids.

We're excited to continue providing you with great resources for your family and we hope you'll keep checking back for updates and shop Legacy Toys online or in any of our stores as we work hard to support your families during these challenging times. 

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